Training & Skills

Our training program contains in our office and on-the-job instruction to prepare our superintendents to be highly skilled industry professionals. This concept is based on integrating the demands and technical aspects of managing a job site with a superintendent's career allowing us to create a managed environment that motivates, problem solves and resolves issues in real-time, resulting in successful projects.

Employees are provided with a copy of our field safety handbook during the pre-employment orientation for the project. This allows our field personnel to reference our safe work practices throughout the course of cooling tower work scopes.

Foremen oversee their immediate crews providing the necessary guidance and training required for their assigned work scope task. This allows our company additional oversight with the different crews while working in and around the cooling tower.

Strategic Alliance: In collaboration with the local trades, our company is dispatched with a trained and skilled workforce that leads to less work related injuries, quality craftsmanship, greater retention, and efficient practices. Kirk Erectors also dispatches its travelling workforce comprised of cooling tower technicians to work in a composite crew mix on the project site.

Productive job sites don't happen by accident. Smart, forward-thinking superintendents who know how to manage and motivate people, solve problems, and keep an eye on the bottom line are the secrets to successful projects.

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