Superintendent Training Program.

Cooling tower construction is a unique industry in terms of safety challenges and advancements from the reconstruction process through and including new tower erection procedures. Safety should never be sacrificed for production through it must be considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency.

To achieve higher workforce productivity in a safe environment, it is essential our supervisors develop and maintain a culture of efficiency, organization and seamless execution. By implementing best practices in all aspects of the project from planning to construction, Kirk Erectors is able to maintain clear accountability providing the client with outstanding service.

The training program contains both classroom and on-the-job instruction to prepare our superintendents to be highly skilled construction industry professionals. This concept is based on integrating the demands and technical aspects of managing a construction job site with a superintendent's career allowing us to create a managed environment that motivates, problem solves and resolves issues in real-time, resulting in successful projects. .



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